Flippable Races #GUN VOTE

The following races have been identified by Gun Owners of California Campaign Committee as the key legislative races in the 2020 General election:


SD 21 Wilk(i)-R v. Mueller-D              
Democrat: 39.3%,  Republican: 31.3%,  No Party Preference: 22.4%.

Because of the changing nature of the district this race is a real toss-up. Dems are trying to flip this seat.

SD 23 Bogh-R v. Medina-D             
Democrat: 37.0%,  Republican: 35.4%,  No Party Preference: 20.7%         

This race leans Republican because NPP voters tend to vote Republican in this district. Dems are trying to flip this seat.

SD 29 Chang(i)-R v. Newman-D             
Democrat: 38.8%,  Republican: 31.4%,  No Party Preference: 25.3%     

Chang is slightly better than Newman on the 2nd Amendment. Dems are trying to retake this seat.

SD 37 Moorlach(i)-R v. Min-D             
Democrat: 34.8%,  Republican: 35.4%,  No Party Preference: 25.0%

Moorlach has been one of our strongest supporters in the Senate and has been targeted by the anti-gun left. Dems are trying to flip this seat.


AD 8 Cook-R v. Cooley(i)-D             
Democrat: 41.0%,  Republican: 30.7%,  No Party Preference: 21.5%        

This race is likely stay Democrat, but Cook would be a significant improvement on the 2nd Amendment. Reps are trying to flip this seat.

AD 40 Tullius-R v. Ramos(i)-D             
Democrat: 42.3%,  Republican: 30.1%,  No Party Preference: 21.2%

Although this is a likely Democrat seat, this is a potential flip from Dem to Rep.

AD 44 Pedrow-R v. Irwin(i)-D             
Democrat: 43.1%,  Republican: 28.8%,  No Party Preference: 21.9% 

Another difficult, but potential opportunity to defeat an anti-gun incumbent. Reps are trying to flip this seat.

AD 55 Chen(i)-R v. Rodriguez-D             
Democrat: 35.2%,  Republican: 34.0%,  No Party Preference: 26.1%       

Anti-gun Democrats have targeted a pro-gun Republican. This race is a toss-up. Dems are tying to flip this seat.

AD 60 Raahauge-R v. Cervantes(i)-D
Democrat: 41.8%,  Republican: 31.1%,  No Party Preference: 21.6%   

While we would love to see a peace officer like Raahauge, this race will likely favor the Democrat incumbent. Reps are trying to flip this seat.

AD 68 Choi(i)-R v. Fox-D              
Democrat: 34.6%,  Republican: 35.3%,  No Party Preference: 25.4%       

Anti-gun Dems have targeted a solid pro-gun seat, because of the amount of money being spent, this is a toss-up. Dems are trying to flip this seat.

AD 72 Ngyuen(i)-R v. Ngyuen-D             
Democrat: 34.8%,  Republican: 35.9%,  No Party Preference: 24.5% 

Incumbent Janet Ngyuen should win but she is being targeted hard. Dems are trying to flip this seat.

AD 74 Dixon-R v. Petrie-Norris(i)-D         
Democrat: 35.0%,  Republican: 35.4%,  No Party Preference: 24.6%

Pro-gun and popular Mayor Dixon is giving a tough challenge to F Rated incumbent. Reps are trying to flip this seat.